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Tennisball shooting mashine | Balls | wood box
KH-B | Berlin | 2009

Space 1:
The tennisball shooting mashine is placed outside of
the exibition hall at ca. 15m. distance from the wall of the building.
The mashine shoots 1 ball every 4 min.
Space 2:
The ball enters the window, flyes trought all the exibition space and also trought the instalation of Silvia Lorenz and goes out of the opposite window.
Space 3:
The ball arrives on the ground on the other side of the buiding, the yeard.

The perception of the installation resultes fractured because the different space can not been seen simultanesly. The viewer can see one or maximum 2 spaces from 1 point of view.
The ball is really silent and passes once in every 4 minutes. The observation requires patience or fortune.